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We capture all the details that you have spent hours planning, the raw emotions, and the beautiful location in paradise that you have invested in to make your day exactly how you envisioned it! 

We are here to come alongside you and take the stress away from missing those key moments!

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You spend all that time planning the perfect day in Hawaii and when it finally arrives, you blink and your leaving the reception with the love of your life! 

If you talk to anyone who has been married, one of the most common problems they will mention was how quick the wedding day unfolded.

  • We offer 6 & 8 hours of coverage in our packages
  • 2 Videographers to capture all the angles on the wedding day
  • Documentary Styled Wedding Films
  • 4K Drone videography 
  • Full Ceremony Captured
  • Full Speeches and Toast Captured
  • Underwater Videography

the wedding investment

03. the wedding day
02. Making it official

First things first, we love to contact you over phone call, zoom to meet face to face to get to know you both more! We will be the ones who will be with you for most of your day so we want you to feel comfortable with us as much as possible! During this initial meeting we will write down all the details you have already planned and find out as much as we can about your day so we can prepare everything on our end to be ready for the day with you! 

After the phone call, we will send back all the notes to you so we are on the same page! These notes also includes all the things you are dreaming about for your wedding day! The key moments you are really wanting to captured and that are important to you! 

Introduction Call 

01. introduction call
03. the wedding day
02. Making it official

This is the exciting part! You have chosen which package will be the best fit for you both and decided we would be the best fit for your day! YAY! We then send you a contract and a 20% deposit fee to lock in your wedding date with us. 

We continue to stay in contact and answer any questions you might have for us or about other wedding vendors in Kailua Kona or on the Big Island! We are here to help and love to share all the details on our end! 

Making it official

01. introduction call
03. the wedding day
02. Making it official

It is your wedding day!!! Yes, the day you have been dreaming and planning about for months! As the day quickly creeps forward we will be sending you messages to see if there are any updates or things we need to know about so we can keep the communication as clear as possible on our end so when the day arrives, all you have to do is HAVE FUN and we will be there to capture it all! 

After the wedding day we will be busy going through all of your footage and saving the best parts to creatively put together your unique wedding day story designed especially for you both! You can expect your wedding film to be delivered to you 3-4 months after your wedding day! 

If you purchased a Wedding day trailer, this will be ready for you both within 2 weeks post wedding. 

The wedding day!

01. introduction call

the process

Danielle & Drew Unger

They were so fun to work with and now we have the most amazing video complete with drone footage of our wedding celebration! Love them and their talented videography work and can’t recommend them enough!

"Lionhearts Creative captured some of the most sacred and memorable moments from our wedding!"


Not only was footage a concern with such a small wedding but videography is such a work of art that it’s an investment when you decide you want a video no matter who you hire. Let me tell you, it was the BEST investment we could have chosen for our day. So if you are on the fence.. stop what you’re doing and find a way to make sure video is in your budget and that Nicole and Josiah are on your team!

"we could not be more in love with this piece of art we get to keep forever."

Teresa & Oscar Cervantes

Our video is such a treasure for us and we will hold it near to our hearts for the years to come.  It brought back many emotions and feelings and it wasn’t just me, all my family and friends felt it too. I love to see their eyes as they watched it - it felt like they were there with us celebrating our special moment.

"I’m so happy that you were the one that we chose to share this experience with us."

client love

90% of couples are facing the same situation so don’t worry that you are not a famous actor yet! This is our job to make you feel as comfortable and natural as possible. We will give you soft prompts on the day and be there to capture the raw emotion that follows. Trust us! Our goal is to give you a film that is authentic to you both.

Because usually there are 2 videographers on the wedding day, we capture ALOT of footage which means there is alot of footage to go through. We double check and go through every single clip and it is a lengthy process! We choose the specific music and create your unique storyline and finally we color it to perfection. All of these steps take a few weeks to master and we take every part seriously. We never want to rush these moments because this is what you invested in!
The expected waiting time we tell all of our couples is 3-4 months. However, we always try our best to deliver your awaited film earlier than this deadline!

For music, typically we will choose the music for your film after watching all your footage and getting a feel for the day! We pay a subscription so that we have a fully licensed song for your wedding film. Having a fully licensed song means we will not run into a lawsuit later down the road. However, if there is a particular feel that you are really envisioning for your wedding film, go ahead and let us know and we will try our best to fit what you are envisioning.

No we do not offer this as an option. Piecing the film together is part of the creative process and we take pride in every part of this process.

From our experience we have noticed that the more footage we have, the better it is to piece together a beautiful wedding film. This is your wedding day story and we want to share it the best as we can! In order to ensure this, we keep the 4 hour minimum so that we are able to capture everything we need from that day!

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