capturing authenticity,

capturing authenticity, adventure,

capturing authenticity, adventure, &

capturing authenticity, adventure, & aloha

capturing authenticity, adventure, & aloha

More about LionHearts Creative

Winners of Big Island Best Wedding Videographers, the LionHearts Creative team focuses on emotive story-driven Wedding Films that make you want to cry, laugh, and leave you filled up with so much joy as you reminisce one of the most significant days of your life! 

We understand all the energy it takes to plan a wedding (We planned ours in 3 months!!) From all the minor details to the big choices, we want to be able to capture your day exactly how you envisioned it! 

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We are Storytellers and we love documenting one of the most important days of your life! We love to film your day in a way that will leave you both in tears. We want your Wedding Film to be something you will treasure for years to come and create an opportunity to relive this day over and over again! 

We love capturing significant moments in life and a wedding day is definitely one of those times!

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Teresa & Oscar Cervantes

Our video is such a treasure for us and we will hold it near to our hearts for the years to come.  It brought back many emotions and feelings and it wasn’t just me, all my family and friends felt it too. I love to see their eyes as they watched it - it felt like they were there with us celebrating our special moment.

"I’m so happy that you were the one that we chose to share this experience with us."

Caleb & Mckenna Stoddart 

Josiah & Nicole are an absolute dream to work with. They went above and beyond to capture the intimate details of our day and brought our vision to life with incredible creativity. They create a comfortable environment, bringing out all the raw emotions in a natural way.

"The LionHearts creative team is the best choice for timeless videography!"

Sonya Kuki & Stuart Burham

I especially liked their thoughtful and creative approach and editing that made the film feel truly unique, authentic to us, and organic. They captured our day just right, as everyone who was there said when they saw the video, including details that I wouldn’t have thought of myself! They are a fantastic team to work with!

"I know I will treasure this video forever. I’m so glad I invested in Lionhearts Creative!"

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